Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Receiver?

A.The Receiver is the individual appointed by the Court to gather all of the assets of the entities in receivership and preserve them pending further rulings by the Court.  He is responsible for determining where all of the assets are located.  He also is charged with communicating with consumers, employee, vendors, and other affected parties.  Receivers create regular reports that are presented to the court and made available to consumers.

Q. How can I stay informed about the progress of this case?

A. You can contact the Receiver’s office at: (786) 347 2562 or by email at:  You can also continue to check this website, which is updated on a regular basis.

Q. Is the Receiver my lawyer?  Should I hire a lawyer?

A. The Receiver is not your lawyer, and he cannot provide you with legal advice.  He was appointed by the Court and he is an agent of the Court.  He is executing the mandate of the Court.  You certainly have the right to hire or consult with your own lawyer.  You can also have that lawyer contact the Receiver of he or she has any questions about the case.

Q. Should I send copies of my papers proving that I am a consumer to the Receiver?

A. Not at this time.

Q. How do I register my information as a consumer who paid funds to American Plumbing?

A. You can submit your information by filling out the following Registration Form. If you have left your information with the Receiver’s office, however, then we have your contact information and you need not submit a Registration Form.

Q. Will I get all of my money back?

A. It is too soon to determine whether consumers will receive consumer redress and, if so, how much they will receive or when.  At this juncture, the Court has issued a Preliminary Injunction Order, but the case is not yet concluded.

Q. Is this considered a class action? Am I one of the plaintiffs?
A. This case is not a class action lawsuit and you are not a plaintiff. This case was brought by the Attorney General’s office, along with several state agencies.  Some of the consumers signed affidavits and testified at the preliminary injunction hearing, but none of the consumers are plaintiffs in the case and none of the consumers are seeking any relief against the defendants.

Q. Should I continue to pay my GreenSky loan?
A. Some of the consumers had their payments to GreenSky temporarily suspended.  Those consumers were notified by the Receiver.  The Receiver is in the process of trying to have all payments to GreenSky suspended, at least temporarily.

Q. What is the impact of the Court’s Preliminary Injunction Order?
A. The Preliminary Injunction Order means that the defendants are still enjoined from operating American Plumbing or otherwise providing plumbing services.  However, the Preliminary Injunction Order is not a final order, and the case is not yet over.